About the Respects your Freedom Program

The "Respects Your Freedom" certification program certifies retailers who sell hardware in a manner that respects the rights of their users and that comes with only freedom inside. In order to gain certification, retailers go through a rigorous review process, in which the Free Software Foundation reviews every aspect of the user experience, from initial purchase through flashing modified versions of firmware. At every level, the retailer must adhere to the program's strict certification criteria, ensuring that users are never even directed to nonfree software or documentation.

Once they have gained certification, vendors are granted the privilege of using the RYF certification mark on the certified device and associated sales pages. The device is then listed here on our site to make it easy for users to find devices they can trust. Of course, the retailer must continue to adhere to the program's criteria in order to maintain their certification. If you think there may be an issue with a currently certified retailer, don't hesitate to let us know at report-nonfree@fsf.org.

For vendors interested in gaining certification, please see our page for vendors.

For press interested in writing about the Respects Your Freedom certification program, see our press page.